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Using electricity is a big expense for every hotel. Therefore, it makes sense to cut expenses as well as pollution by investing in solar panel technology. As of right now, the solar market is expanding, and this is helping to make installation far more affordable.


These installations offer short as well as long term benefits. Considering the fact that it costs around $2,000 a year to power each room, it makes perfect sense for them to invest in a system that will help reduce costs and allow them to lower their carbon footprint. Regardless of the fact that they may have already utilized energy-saving practices such as LED lights, a hotel can save a lot more by considering where their energy comes from.


When it comes to savings, they may not see the benefit of the investment. However, when hotels look further into the concept of savings, they can see that even the Investment Tax Credit for solar installation is a saving in itself. Once the solar system is installed, every hotel can save anywhere from 30-50% on their annual costs. However, savings will vary from hotel to hotel.


It is also important to note that many travelers are enthusiastic about solar energy and cutting costs. When hotels opt to help in regards to cutting back on pollution, many travelers are more than happy to book a room knowing they are doing their part of helping to promote a greener way of living.


There are other investments that can help cut back on the usage of energy, such as installing outdoor solar lighting in parking lots and garages. These installations will offer security and comfort for anyone who is staying in the hotel, and considering the fact that they do not require electricity, they are promoting savings as soon as they are installed.


There is a need to cut back on emissions that are bad for the environment, and hotels can easily take a step into cutting back by utilizing solar panel technology. With the ITC, there truly is no reason that should hold them back any longer. This is a step that everyone can agree with, and many travelers would appreciate the chance to choose a hotel that offers great amenities as well as pollutes less than their competitors.