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Contrary to what most hotel guests realize, there is a technological revolution taking place within the world of hotel cleaning. Brilliant technology is slowly working its way into bed linens, autonomous vacuum robots, self-flushing toilets, and even self-cleaning shower cabins. These technological breakthroughs are helping hotel owners to save huge money on outdated cleaning protocols while offering hotel customers a much greater degree of transparency and sanitary assurances. Studies have shown that the general public has much more trust in technology than they do with word of mouth or customer to client interactions.

5 Future Hotel Cleaning Technology Trends to Look Out For

  1. Fully Autonomous Vacuums – A hotel guest should not be surprised if they walk into a hotel room and there is a fully autonomous vacuum cleaner rolling around on the carpet keeping things nice and tidy. This new and growing trend represents the future of hotel housekeeping. The vacuums are silent, efficient, and easy to step over.
  2. Self-Flushing Toilets – A semi-unsettling aspect of a hotel room is the toilet basin that may or may not be full of bacteria and other contagious microorganisms. Thankfully, more and more hotels offer toilets with self-flushing sensors so that hotel guests no longer have to go through the grueling and gross task of manually pulling the flushing lever.
  3. Bed Linens With Digital Info Panels – Another near-miracle offering that many of the leading hotels are working on launching are bed linens that possess a small digital panel that tells the hotel guest when the sheets were last washed. Almost everyone that has stayed in a hotel has caught themselves wondering if their sheets were actually washed.
  4. Self-Cleaning Shower Cabins – Several leading hotels are working on launching self-cleaning shower cabins as one of their bathroom amenities. How these showers work is after a hotel guest takes a shower, the shower itself will begin a cleaning cycle that includes spritzing the cabin with sanitizer and rinsing it with warm water.
  5. Full Trash Bin Sensors – Another fabulous technological break-through set to sweep through all major hotel chains are trash bins equipped with sensors that let cleaning staff know when they are full and need to be emptied. There is nothing more annoying than an overflowing trash bin in the corner of a hotel room.