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If you want your hotel to succeed, the best thing you can do is upgrade with the newest trends and technologies continually. After all, the destination might be what a vacation is about, but no one wants to stay in an outdated hotel room. Keeping your guests happy and staying up-to-date with the latest in-room hospitality technology is the perfect place to start. Here are a few trends to begin researching.


Room Service Apps


Who needs to make a phone call to order room service anymore? Not only are the menus bulky, but calling for room service risks a mishap in communication could mean serving your guests something other than what they ordered. Why chance that mistake anymore when you can offer a room service app for guests to use? Some hotels provide web-based apps accessible to both laptops and cellphones, leaving the web address to be entered or a QR code to be scanned on the nightstand. A few clicked buttons later, and room service will be on its way just as the guest ordered it.


HD Voice Controlled & Touch Screen Thermostats


Another way to get rid of bulky features in your hotel rooms is to forgo older thermostats in favor of sleek voice-controlled-and-touchscreen ones. The sensors in these thermostats can detect when someone enters or leaves the room, and when your guest is gone for an extended time, the lights will be prompted to dim. It will also regulate the temperature of the room, which will save you money in the long-run. Having a voice-control feature is also convenient for your guests because, rather than getting up in the middle of the night to adjust the thermostat, they can just shout out their request to the technology and let it take care of the rest.


Location-Based Recommendations


As another convenience for your guests, having in-room resources to highlight local events, entertainment, sightseeing, and dining will let them plan their day right from their hotel room and empower them in their visit. These resources can offer push-notification coupons to local businesses, and predictive service opportunities such as calls from room service can be a step forward in turning the guests’ stay into a pleasant experience. Additionally, 3D location tools can help hotel managers keep their employees safe.