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Technology in hotels is the next best thing in the technology revolution. The newest technology advancement in hotels is a self-cleaning room. Hotel Ottilia in Copenhagen is trying out this new way of cleaning a room after a guest leaves. The room is designed to automatically disinfect the room without housekeeping’s assistance. The hotel is partnering with ACT.Global, a Danish Company to use its proprietary technology, ACT CleanCoat. The technology is a transparent and odorless spray that is sunlight activated. The spray has been tested by various organizations and has been shown to effectively break down microbes such as Influenza, salmonella, mold, and allergens. It can also have air purification benefits by removing things like cigarette smoke and other foul smells.

The chief executive officer of Ottilia’s parent company, Karim Nielsen, says that this will make life much easier for the staff members. Housekeeping won’t need to have to clean with chemical cleaners and breathe in fumes. All they will have to do is vacuum, clean the linens, and wipe surfaces down, and the spray will do the rest of the cleaning. This will significantly cut down room turnaround time and give housekeeping more time in the day to complete tasks. The estimated price to cover each room in CleanCoat is about $2,500. This reduces the labor load by about 50%, and also cuts on water consumption, says Nielson.

Guy Langford, vice chairman and U.S. leader of transportation and hospitality team at Deloitte, thinks that this is something that won’t take off in many hotels. He says that sustainability is a key factor in large brands and that something has to be able to be scaled. The problem with CleanCoat is that a room has to be emptied of furniture to apply a coat, and has to be recoated each year. He thinks that there are other things travelers will find value in, such as better health options and air purifiers in rooms. Nielson, however, still believes that this is something that can improve many of his hotels and plans to roll it out to more hotels as soon as possible.