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Upwards of 96% of guests in hotels travel with a smartphone and almost 46% of visitors use at least two devices in their travels. According to Hotel Internet Services, this signifies a 10% increase in only two years and indicates an ever-growing demand for hoteliers to make use of mobile device-compatible services.

What the Research Shows

HIS carried out research including more than 200 hoteliers and 500 guests to figure out the effect new technologies like online content streaming and voice control have been showing on the market of hospitality and hotel incomes. After a related survey done back in 2016 by HIS, it was shown that the fresh “Placing the Visitor Back into Hotel Entertainment” studies indicate how visitor demand for instant service, improved connectivity, and quality convenience have risen significantly in a little more than two years.

Using their Devices

An excess of 80% of guests showed a desire to cast content wirelessly from their phones onto guest-room televisions and an excess of 90% of those surveyed hoteliers affirmed that the guests of today would rather have the choice to stream wirelessly instead of the conventional video-on-demand offers.

With hotels all over the globe experiencing a universal diminishment in profits regarding VOD, the research points to platform functions in entertainment that hoteliers could integrate alongside wireless casting to regain a portion of these revenues. More than 60% of those surveyed guests said that they would appreciate the chance to order services and amenities through the guest-room TV if the option was provided. 65% of visitors wanted to have the ability to surf the internet using the TV arrangement and upwards of 81% of hoteliers feel that guests would like such an option.

Another 61% of the guests also showed a preference for accessing available hotel service information like restaurant hours through the TV in their rooms. “With developments in technology and the ever-increasing variety of solution options, hoteliers are often at a loss when it comes to the platforms that have the capacity to improve the guest experience and provide a nice return on investment at the same time,” CEO of HIS, Gary Patrick, mentioned in a statement.

Security Interests

Guests still have concerns regarding security. It was shown that 65% of guests were “highly concerned” around putting passwords or usernames into a guest-room TV application, according to HIS.