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Smart technology has changed and impacted almost every aspect of life and this does not exclude the hotel industry. Smart hotel technology has enhanced the entire hotel industry in outstanding ways. Include the following enhancements:

* cost-saving opportunities

* generate rapid payback periods

* fostering new levels of possibilities

* saving on energy use

This smart technology has changed our lives and will continue to impact every industry. Hospitality is adapting well to the new smart business technology. The enhancements are transforming the guest experience and the marketing methods. Smart technology deserves a standing ovation and a straightforward introduction.


A Straightforward Introduction to the Entire Hotel Industry

You will be pleased to discover the smart technology that is improving the entire hotel industry. You will want to keep up with the latest changes and the up-to-date smart technology that is making life easier for everyone including guests who expect to be catered to.

Meet the following:


* online reputation; this management technology will help to predict any future bookings, feedback in terms of guest expectations being met, valuable insights on delivery methods, platforms to assist in monitoring online reviews


* smart marketing practices; every hotel can deliver a smart experience to their guests only if they walk through their doors. Smart technology and data opportunities are helping this industry to succeed by leveraging valuable data insights


* smart room service; smart occupancy sensors can do so much and can even include personalized suggestions based on previous orders. Home food-delivery apps are providing similar experiences too


* mobile room keys; your guests can have access to their room with their smartphone apps. This saves on printing costs and plastics that harm the environment


* remote check-in and check-outs; hotel owners can staff appropriately with the use of mobile devices that allow them to save on labor costs


* smart reserved parking; sensors and apps allow guests to reserve parking spots ahead of time


* big data and big protection; this aggregates data and makes it actionable. Big data requires responsibility. This is safety at its finest


* smart guest experiences; this helps to shape the experiences and expectations at a high level. Accommodating the needs of the guests is necessary for this competitive industry


* predictive maintenance; monitoring, tracking and optimizing energy consumption with sensor data and identifying harmful trends


* smart energy management; smart thermostats and occupancy sensors will monitor and respond to fluctuations in occupancy. This saves energy and money.