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In the past we have dreamed big when it comes to technology, flying cars, robot assistants, and fully augmented reality. While we don’t have some of these ideas fully fleshed out yet, the progress we have made in the technology sector has been tremendous. These breakthroughs have advanced many different industries as well, one of which has been the hotel and tourism industry. These technologies of the future for the hotel industry are finally here.


The advancement of mobile apps allow the guest to fully monitor their stay all in the comfort of their pocket. Many apps allow control over their stay as well ranging from checking in and checking out services to automation of the hotel room. Some hotels also have voice assistants built in which offers benefits with mobile users as well.

Robotic Assistants

In some hotels robotic assistants are being tested to help offer services to guests. They are being used to deliver room service or luggage to a room, as well as serving drinks at the bar, or just simply offering information to guests in the lobby. There are plenty of uses for robotic workers and this venture will only advance further in the future.

Biometrics And Keys

One of the most recent trends in hotel technology, mobile key cards and biometrics. This allows users to enter their rooms and other services of the hotel with just their mobile phone apps, this allows guests to enter the room with something they almost never are without. The other advancement in this field is having biometrics such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanners to allow access to rooms.

Augmented Reality

There are a few international hotels that are using augmented reality to offer 360 and 3D views at the hotel rooms they offer. They are also using it to help guests find out if the luggage they are bringing will fit different international policies.

These advancements are pushing the hotel industry into being able to fully service the guest with ease for everyone involved. While these advancements are improving the industry, there will still be a need for the human aspect of the hotel business.