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Digital transformation remains the leading innovation in technology that allows companies to compete and outperform each other effectively. Understanding new trends help an organization grasp any tech opportunity that comes along the way to maximize profits. The year 2020 comes along with several game-changing technology trends that should be embraced by most businesses, and these five, in particular, are ones we should keep our eyes on in the coming months.


1) 5G Data Networks

When 5G mobile data was first introduced in 2019, it was expensive and limited to some areas. In 2020, the mobile network is expected to expand and cover most areas. The network is super-fast, allowing movies and music to download at high speed. The speed will also enable enterprises to collect and protect customer data efficiently.


2) Democratization of Technology

Recently, many people haven’t had access to this new technology due to the unavailability of it or a lack of knowledge that it even exists. This year, a higher percentage of persons will be provided access to technical and business expertise through training. New technologies will empower people in different industries to use these products and services with ease.


3) Predictive and Personalized Medicine

Technology is assisting in the rapid transformation of our healthcare systems at an unprecedented rate. Devices like smartwatches will have the ability to predict and treat health issues at an early stage, with more applications being developed to better individual health and reduce the fatality of illnesses.


4) Privacy Renaissance

Several companies experienced hacking and the misuse of their information throughout 2019. These security breaches have led more companies to pay attention to privacy and security issues this year. Every organization is aiming at keeping their customers’ data safe to avoid information breaches and loss. 2020 could potentially solve data loss issues by securing all information in an encrypted and decentralized manner.


5) Hyper-Automation

Hyper-automation involves the use of advanced technology, like machine learning, to automate processes in delivering quality services and replace the human workforce. In the coming year, significant technological advances are expected to combine process intelligence and content intelligence for sustainability in the business world.