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The latest trend taking over the hospitality industry is door locks that allow customers to use their mobile devices as a guest door key.


Hotels and other businesses that provide guest housing find that keeping their properties current with the latest technology can improve occupancy and profitability.


Why Guests Appreciate Mobile Access as Guest Door Key

Tech-savvy travelers already keep rental confirmations, airline boarding passes, and rideshare apps on their mobile devices, so keyless entry fits perfectly into their lifestyle.


Let’s look at the top reasons guests prefer mobile guest room access.


Guests appreciate not having to keep track of a keycard. A lost keycard means the guest must waste time returning to the front desk to retrieve a new one, which is frustrating.


Plastic key cards imprint sensitive guest information during the check-in process. A lost card could release that information and allow unauthorized room access or charges. Utilizing a guest’s smartphone as a key eliminates safety concerns since people are careful not to misplace it and typically use passwords or finger or face recognition for access.


Why Hotels Benefit from Mobile Access to Guest Room

  • Reducing Front Desk Workload and Cost

    By utilizing mobile devices as guest door key access, front desk staff saves the time it takes to imprint keycards or re-issue lost cards. Staff can devote time to more positive guest interaction, and management can reduce expenditures on keycard materials and imprint machines.

  • Improving Overall Guest Experience

    Combining keyless entry with a comprehensive mobile app will deliver useful information about each guest experience as they move about your property.  Knowing what times are busiest, which onsite facilities guests visit most, or which in-app functions they use will drive overall guest experience improvements.

  • Increases Security

    Mobile key technology allows hotels to assign keys directly to a guest’s smartphone, so they can’t hand off keycards to others. Keyless entry reduces unauthorized access to the property to keep guests and staff safer.


Going Keyless Delivers Results

Hotel innovations that improve the guest experience during a stay are what drives repeat business, positive reviews, and high ratings. In turn, a hotel can expect to see higher occupancy rates, happier customers, and an increase in profits.