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As technology advances, the way we live does as well. This includes how we go about our lives at home and how we live when staying elsewhere due to traveling. Between mobile check-in, smart lighting, smart thermostats, and augmented reality, hotel technology is rapidly advancing in ways we couldn’t have imagined years ago. The cost of this technology can be expensive, but a study by Gallup shows that guests are willing to pay more for the luxuries of in-room entertainment, proving that investing in this technology will end in a long-term return to hotels that choose to keep up with these advancements. 


Some hotels are particularly tech-savvy, going above and beyond to make their guests as comfortable (and entertained) as possible. Here are two of those hotels.


ARIA Resort & Casino


Provided in all 4,004 rooms of ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is what’s arguably the most advanced in-room hotel tablet in the world. From this tablet, guests can book spa treatments, request housekeeping, book tickets to live events, and more. They can also send and receive multimedia messages, which is particularly useful for meeting planners who want to connect with attendees and send them itineraries. Additionally, guests can customize their wake-up calls with a few quick taps, setting the curtains and lights to wake them up in the morning and the television to turn on to a specific program.


Eccleston Square Hotel


Located in London, the Eccleston Square Hotel hides a gracious amount of technology behind its historical exterior as a 19th-century Grade II listed building. Each guest is provided a 4K Smart TV that they can personalize to watch content they enjoy, like Netflix or YouTube. The use of Sonos Beam soundbars ensures the highest sound quality to accompany their entertainment. Guests can control their room using VDA’s Vitrum glassware, which also allows an interface with the building’s management systems. This means that, when a room is dormant, hotel staff can switch off the room to save energy. 


A complimentary smartphone is provided as well with free regional and international phone calls and data, all of which can be made from the comfort of the Hästens electronically adjustable beds. International power sockets, A.I. chatbots, screen mirroring, and more makes staying at Eccleston Square Hotel a technological dream come true.