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Voice assistants have been the newest hot item in recent years and with the limitless capabilities these devices offer, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. This is especially true in the hotelier setting, many hotels have been using voice assistants in rooms to offer help to guests with information of all sorts. One hotel in Seattle is thinking outside the box when it comes to voice assistants. Motif Seattle’s entire staff is finding ways to simplify the tasks they face every day, from bellmen to engineers. The hotel is partnering with other Seattle native, Amazon to utilize the Alexa devices in all of their rooms.

The guests can use the voice assistants to notify the front desk when the room is ready for service or if there is an item, such as extra towels, that they need without ever having to pick up the in-room phone. A maintenance request can easily be placed and immediately notify the maintenance team of the request. General manager, Steve Sasso, said, “It reduces telephone call and unnecessary minutes spent on those types of things”. He mentions that it has increased efficiency and allows all the teams involved to have more time to tend to the other tasks of the hotel.

Other hotels have been seeing the benefits to these voice assistants as well. In 2017, Best Western trialed the Alexa Devices and saw some great potential in the streamlining of many tasks for the employees of the hotel. They have noted the benefits for safety with housekeepers, such as having a “panic button” in case of a safety issue. They can also use the device to notify the front desk when the rooms are cleaned and ready for check-ins.

The voice assistant industry is very much so in its infancy, the devices have only been around for 3-4 years, which allows endless room to grow. The hope for Motif Seattle’s parent company, Two Roads is that these devices replace the in-room phone lines and for Alexa to be able to handle all emergency situations in a room.